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Cashback, Not Coupons On Online Purchases

Ad Posted:Saturday, June 15, 2019
Ad Expire:Sunday, June 14, 2020
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 Posted by:Godtrust
 Location:All accross USA
 First Name:Roberto
 Last Name:Rodriguez
 Address:19 ST R-9 Diplo
 User Location:Naguabo
 Ad Information:http://cashbackvip.com
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Amazing! For Holidays and all Seasons. Get actual Free Money Cashback for everything you purchase online from 2% to 70% depending on the retail merchant and the article purchased.

This is not a coupon program but actual cashback money deposited directly to your bank account. To qualify all you have to do is register for free.

There are three level of memberships,the Basic Free, a Premium membership which costs $4.95 per month and a VIP membership which is $100 per year. The Premium membership gets and additional 4% added to the basic ( free ) cashback and the VIP members gets 6% added to the basic cashback. The VIP members can withdraw their money from their cashback account every month. The Premium members get the additional 4% accumulated and can withdraw it at the membership anniversary, although they can withdraw the basic cashback monthly as well as the Free members. Also, VIP members can refer other VIP's and receive a $20 bonus, therefore with 5 referrals they recuperate their VIP membership cost. VIP's periodically receive special updates and promotions that further improve the cashback they are getting on their online buys

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