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Game Programmer Wanted

Ad Posted:Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Ad Expire:Monday, May 14, 2018
User Information:  
 Posted by:TossCards
 Location:All accross USA
 First Name:DENNIS
 Last Name:KING
 User Location:Fairhope
Ad Information:  
 Application Name:TossSpades(TM)
 Ad Description:


Seeking a programmer with experience with interactive web hosting of any card game like hearts, spades, rummy or poker.

Do you have an on-line or stand-alone program to be reviewed? If not, can you handle the job? Do you already have an up and running version that is unencumbered by other patents, trademarks or copyrights? If so, with additional coding that software game would envelop the claimed features of the Toss trademarked 8-suited physical deck already selling.

The deck contains a 110 cards yet has the "look and play" of the similar to traditional deck but with tons more excitement and challenges.

Email for a quick flip back so you can see the rules of a 4 player TossSpade game as how it might be played on the net. The null card would be very challenging to program. Maybe you can't handle it.  The computer needs to be simi-intuitive. The 5-player game would be killer and set the foundation for all the other TossCard games that could be developed later.

The programmer selected will receive a set fee for completion or portion of ownership and /or a share of profits thereof as determined and negotiated. Contact via email toss@usa.com to receive phone and text number info.


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