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Netflix is that the preferred subscription video service within the world and chances are high that you will find one thing there you wish to look at. Yes, you'll stream Netflix on your phone, pill or pc, however, to completely fancy it, particularly with friends and family, you'll be wanting it on the largest screen available: your LG Smart TV.

The options for obtaining Netflix on LG smart TV vary looking on your existing instrumentation, however, the fundamentals are similar.

Things you'll have before you begin
Netflix subscription. Plans begin at $8.99 per month, a value that restricts you to one screen at a time (LG smart TV, phone or whatever) and comparatively low video quality (standard-definition, or SD). Netflix's preferred set up prices $13 a month, which allows you to stream in higher quality (high-definition, or HD) to 2 screens directly. If you have got an LG 4K Smart TV or wish to look at on up to four screens directly, you'll be wanting the $16 subscription.
Netflix's username and identification. Once you sign in for thought, you'll have to enter your Netflix login (username and password) to look at on an LG Smart TV. Tip: make sure the main points on a pc or phone before you are trying on your LG Smart TV. that is as a result of work multiple times with an LG smart TV device may be a true job.
Broadband net. whereas you'll watch Netflix with a slow dial-up or ISDN account, the expertise is frustrating at the best, if not unwatchable. Netflix recommends a minimum association speed of one.5Mbps. Most broadband services can do this, however, if you are unsure strive to visit SpeedTest to live your speed.
Wi-Fi or wired net association to an LG Smart TV. you may conjointly like a way to connect the web on to the device that streams Netflix. Typical TV devices embody actual TVs additionally as separate media streamers and game consoles (see below). reckoning on the device you'll like a wired local area network association or, a lot of normally, Wi-Fi. to attach that device to Wi-Fi, you'll have to create positive you recognize your Wi-Fi name and identification.
Television. As long as your TV wasn't created before the first '80s you ought to be ready to watch Netflix on that. Some TVs have Netflix apps integral, however, most of the people watch Netflix on TV employing a separate device. Most of the Netflix devices we'll mention below use HDMI connections, however, one uses analog cables and works with older TVs.
Netflix app on an LG Smart TV. similar to on your phone, there is AN app for Netflix designed specifically for TV devices. The app is free, however, after all, you'll have to put in it on the device and sign up mistreatment your Netflix credentials to look at. Speaking of devices...
TV devises you'll use to look at Netflix
Once you have all that stuff square away you'll have to work out what device you may use to look at Netflix. Here are your main selections in ascending order of value.

Smart TV, game console or Blu-ray player you already own

If you have got a flatscreen TV factory-made within the last ten years you'll in all probability watch Netflix on that. fashionable TVs integrate streaming services like Netflix into AN interface referred to as 'smart TV.'

Of course, the app is also older, slower and not as slick because of the fashionable version, however, if you would like to access Netflix without delay, it ought to still work. Wikipedia includes a list of all of the doable platforms, however the foremost vital older systems ar Samsung smart TV, Sony net TV, Panasonic Viera solid and LG Netcast. whereas some TVs have a fervent Netflix button on the remote, most compatible models have a wise TV button that ought to allow you to access the streaming apps obtainable.

Likewise, your Blu-ray player or play console might need a Netflix app. If you have got a comparatively recent console -- from the Xbox three60 or PlayStation 3 ($159 at Amazon) and up -- then you will be ready to access Netflix on that.

New media streamer (Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc)

While your current Smart TV, game console or Blu-ray player with Netflix is that the most cost-effective choice, it would not have aged well. If you have got AN older device, you'll notice its Netflix app to be sluggish or unreliable. you furthermore may miss out on interface enhancements or new options, like the power to look at the superb Black Mirror special Bandersnatch (though it is not guaranteed). or even you'd rather use a true remote rather than your console's controller.

The best thanks to accessing AN up-to-date Netflix is via a replacement streaming device. costs begin at $30 with the Roku categorical. in the meantime the $35 Roku categorical and offers analog connections, creating it excellent for older TVs (see below).

Just plug one amongst these devices into a spare port on your current TV and follow the onscreen prompts. several streamers embody Netflix by default, however, every device (except Chromecast) conjointly includes a Streaming Channels list or App Store for downloading the app for gratis.

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